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Meet our Keynote Speaker at the 2018 Conference!

Jane Werner

Executive Director of The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

On June 6, 2016 a new University Affiliated School opened in Sanda, Japan. The Shinwa Kindergarten School of Kobe Shinwa Women’s University has been working toward this affiliation for two years and the opening brought together parents, city officials including the mayor and the chair of the Board of Education, University president Hiroyuki Yamamoto and Director of the University’s Board of Trustees, Kohei Yamane. 

The students were a focus of Opening Day. They sang the new school song, and welcomed parents, grandparents and visitors to their classrooms. The school serves children from 2 to 5 years of age and has 10 classrooms and 250 students. The University has a teacher education program which has a very high rate of employment for its graduates. The new school will paly a role in teacher education, and in providing an exemplary Early Years program in a neighborhood school.

Already a member school of The International Association of Laboratory Schools (IALS), Kobe Shinwa University invited Elizabeth Morley, Chair of the IALS International Committee, to give an address at the school’s opening.



Director of of the Board of Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, Kohei Yamane, and Elizabeth Morley, Chair of the IALS International Committee, and Honorary Principal of the Shinwa Kindergarten School.






President of Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, opens the the new affiliated school, The Shiwa Kindergarten.





Half of a defunct smoke detector attached to a string disappeared with a student around a corner as Konnie Serr, first grade teacher and assistant professor on education, looked on with amusement.  “She’ll definitely have an explanation for that,” Serr said with a laugh as the student walked on. 

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