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The International Association of Laboratory Schools
Annual Conference 2017
University of Memphis
April 19 – 21


Laboratory Schools: Sound Theories Into Sound Practices

For over 100 years laboratory schools have led the way in innovative teaching and learning, conducting research on best practices, inspiring teacher preparation. In so doing, lab schools have also influenced social learning including leadership, social justice, establishing the importantce of the arts for wholistic learning. The 2017 conference at the University of Memphis will explore those lasting tenets while enjoying the rich musical heritage of the city of Memphis.

We are interested in presentations, papers and discussions about the following areas and their impact on the daily life of people all over the world:
* the national/international sc ope of innovative teaching and learning,
*curriculum development and implementation,
*teacher preparation,
*educational and/or developmental research
We look forward to reviewing your submission.

Proposals due: New Date! January 15, 2017

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