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The International Association of Laboratory Schools
Annual Conference 2019
Fort Worth Texas
March 20-22, 2019


Unlocking Potential: Transforming Lives

Lab Schools are rooted in a tradition of authentic, experiential learning for the students, student teachers, teachers, researchers and parents. The nurturing community of our schools provides the foundation for all learners to take flight, explore their passions, and continue on a journey of learning for life.

Join the International Association of Laboratory Schools for a special conference for educators working to enhance outcomes for their students with learning disabilities, Down syndrome, other intellectual disabilities, and autism.

This conference will engage participants in identifying and implementing strategies applicable to classrooms from kindergarten through high school. Discussions will include ways to further include students in the general education classroom through effective literacy interventions, differentiated curriculum, technology, behavioral practices and optimizing student success.

We are interested in presentations, papers and discussions about the following areas and their impact on people’s lives within and beyond the school setting:

  • the national/international scope of learning disabilities
  • strategies for meeting the needs of every student
  • inclusion for ALL
  • curriculum modifications: development and implementation
  • teacher preparation
  • educational and/or developmental research
  • behavior strategies
  • developing and nurturing friendships

We look forward to reviewing your submission.

Proposals due: January 15, 2019